there’s a fine line

between creativity and creation.

Creativity is everywhere, waiting to be expressed in random associations and hopefully become meaningful connections, useful tools or revolutionary projects.

Creativity doesn’t require habit: it will knock on your door (aka show up in your face during a shower or an evening glass of wine) in the shape of an idea. So that it becomes a tangible creation, however, it will require something else.

Creation means entering a dark room. It means giving oneself to the wisdom of the body over the so-called wisdom of the brain.

On January 1st, 2018 I started drawing a piece a day. Just because. After 1,5 years (500+ drawings!), I have now taken the passenger’s seat and let those guys (right hand, gut and a bit of brain) take it wherever it may go.

Click here to follow up on the daily drawings and written pieces inspired by those.