so what is it that you do

I am an illustrator, writer & researcher based in Barcelona, Spain.

At first I was intrigued by creative behaviour. Why did certain artists find it easy to work at night while others thrived in the early hours of the morning? What does my ideal schedule look like? Should I work out before sitting down? Does wine improve lateral thinking? I was desperately trying to find my perfect routine, but could not quite grasp such magical formula. Trust me: I was trying EVERYTHING.

What I had learnt throughout my studies in Psychology regarding behavioural sciences simply was not working. Why was creativity so unharnessable? Why was will power so useless when it came to creating stuff? It’s not like I was being overambitious: I just wanted to draw some sh**.

After deciding I wanted nothing to do with pencils or colours, I began writing early in the morning as a training for self-knowledge. During that time, I realised, the whole machinery of thought seemed to still be asleep. My body was present and some weird sort of intelligence was taking over the driver’s seat. There was no past or future, no overthinking or anxiety: there was just action. Consciousness 1 — 0 Will.

For the past few years I have been getting to know the roles of emotion, bodily cognition, thought and intuition. Through meditation, sketching literally everything around me and writing short pieces daily, I no longer looked for my magical formula, but rather played around. Although I do find heavy metal creativity to be an outstanding way of releasing tension and emotions, I also believe one’s highest potential comes from relaxed state. So chill the f*** out.

To become a more creative individual, one can watch TED talks and read tons of books. But one thing is certain: nothing guarantees first-class creativity like humankind’s most precious tool: fearlessness, that is to say surrendering yourself to the art and magic of getting sh** done.