so what is it that you do

I am an illustrator, writer & researcher based in Barcelona, Spain.

Here’s my creative process: I portrait stuff. All sorts of stuff. Faces, products, food, plants. Just because. Then comes a short written piece on how that bra or dog or pizza reflects the nature of human behaviour.
A background in Psychology made me intrigued by obsessed with creative behaviour. «Write drunk, edit sober», said Hemingway. But then Murakami jogged like a mad person, so which is the ultimate formula?

WHY is creativity so unharnessable and WHY is will so powerless when it comes to art-making? The answer is in the ego. Our baby egos.

When creating stuff, we are not alone with our working brains: there are neurosis, embodied cognition, habit and intuition, among others. But first, some introspection is needed: how? through experience, not necessarily through knowledge. Meditation is experience, reading self-help is not. Daily sketching is experience, daily scrolling is not. But egos are hungry babies, demanding to be fed at all times for free.

One can look for guidance everywhere. In a bottle of wine, a book or a talk. Nothing, however, guarantees first-class creativity like humankind’s most precious tool: recreation, that is to say surrendering to the unknowable magic of getting sh** done.